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Dennis Savic

Savic Motorcycles was established in 2015 by Dennis Savic, a mechanical engineer from Perth, who worked for five years with Legeneering and Ford while pursuing his personal dream to design a future-ready motorcycle. Dennis set about building a market-ready 60kW vehicle from the ground up with a small dedicated team backed by a panel of highly-credentialed advisors.

Savic Motorcycles now stands on the cusp of commercial production, with a design freeze on our formidable powertrain, which has been joined by a series of sophisticated custom components – including a Wilbers suspension, an Optibelt drive-belt, and an ABS brake system designed with Bosch Australia.

Even before the first C-Series hits the road, it has featured in an exhibition of the world’s most influential motorbikes, been fêted for its climate-conscious credentials by the Australian Museum, and has won four awards – two at the 2021 Australian Good Design Awards, and two at the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards in 2022.

Savic Motorcycles’ Product Development System brings the business a unique point of difference with regard to its leanness, efficiency, and speed to market with new products.

From the outset, our vehicle development has been executed through a uniquely integrated platform perspective. With multiple platforms in development, each platform enables the production and commercialization of  4 – 5 discrete product lines. This, combined with the internally developed software systems, proprietary motor and battery designs as well as consumer smartphone applications gives Savic Motorcycles an edge in the high-growth electric vehicle market.

Owned and operated in Australia, Savic Motorcycles employs 90% Australian residents at its offices and workshop in West Melbourne.

The flagship C-Series has been designed in Australia, with all components sourced globally and assembled in the workshop in West Melbourne. The future objective of Savic Motorcycles is to grow manufacturing locally in Australia to export internationally.

Savic Motorcycles assembled its first prototype in 2016. Since then the prototype has been through 4 iterations including 2 pre-production prototypes currently going through ABS testing with Bosch Australia and ADR homologation, fulfilling the milestones a Federal Government grant to establish electric motorcycle manufacturing in Melbourne with commercial production starting late 2022.

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